Top 10 Searches on – June 2017

Top 10 Searches on – June 2017

Lets see what people were looking for when they visited in the month of June 2017, I’ll try to share this article every month, so we know what searches bring visitors to

So here is the chart (courtesy Google Analytics)

Top 10 Searches on - June 2017

Top 10 Searches on – June 2017 (Courtesy Google Analytics)

The 1st one will always be a mystery (for some), so we will skip that lets move to the second one

  1. eleven 45 naigaon and hotel eleven
    • Eleven 45 Inn,  one of the most famous restaurant and bar in Naigaon East. No doubt it is one of the most searched terms which has brought visitors on our website. Have you visited or ordered food from Eleven 45 Inn? why dont you head over and review them and share your experience with them.
  2. vaman dhaba naigaon
    • Vaman Dhaba, is a Family Restaurant in Naigaon East, which serves delicious Non-Veg and Vegetarian dishes. If you are one of the visitors who searched for Vaman Dhabha and got connected to them via us, dont forget to drop a feedback for them!
  3. nearest non veg restaurant to my current location and restaurants near me and restaurants near me delivery
    • So for those who were searching for the nearest restaurants near Naigaon East, we have them listed over at you can sort them by reviews and decide where to dine or order from (we have mentioned those who deliver), do let us know by dropping a review.
  4. tandoor and more naigaon
    • Tandoor and More, a fast food restaurant more popularly known for their Chinese food and Tandoori chicken.
  5. wine shop near me
    • Hope you were above the age of 18 (wine), 21 (beer), 25 (Other) when you were searching for this, because thats the legal age for drinking in Maharashtra. The one and only most popular wine shop in Naigaon east is Vishwanath Wines.

Hope all you guys found what you were looking for on, we are trying to add as much as information as possible on the website, so that becomes your utility to find what you are looking for in Naigaon.

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  • Pranay Merchant says:

    Very good website, good start , keep it up. And I’m sure I will be bookmarking it and using it frequently. Also help if needed. Im in Naigaon since 2012, near don bosco.

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